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MTM, a reliable and authentic name in the steel pipe industry! MTM is serving in this field since 1983 in Lahore. The company extended their work nationwide in 2006 with the opening of a plant in Karachi.A family business with a thought to manufacture strong and reliable steel pipes to help the builders out there with the latest technology by keeping in mind the climate and economical constrains in the country.

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About Us

Automatic latest machines

With the addition of most modern technologies, MTM is manufacturing one of the high resistance and durable steel products especially in the range of steel pipes. MTM is using cold roll mix and Pipe mill to manufacture one of the high resistance and genuine steel pipes. With the professional and highly trained staff and engineers, the products in the name of quality and reliability are matchless.

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About Us

Providing engineering solutions

MTM is delivering engineering solutions with a mission to establish an infrastructure to evolve the building strategies for the builders out there. With the innovative community, the company is heading to a future with strong a foundation.

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Futuristic approach

MTM is working with a plan to provide better opportunities in the field of steel pipes. The company is gearing up with a think tank to be creative and innovative to design and manufacture a wide range of pipes with a transparent production procedure.

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Continuous growth

MTM never compromises on quality and innovation that’s why continuous innovation with creativity is the way to find out real destiny. The company is open to experiments to achieve the goal they set for their selves. Delivering a quality product with evolved procedures and techniques never fails to provide the right results.

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We can offer abundant steel types and sizes to meet diversified and sophisticated needs in each field.
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A global force in steel production and engineering

Our Steel Factory is an integrated steel producer with major production operations in Center America and Europe. The company manufactures a wide range of steel sheet and tubular products for the industrial machinery, construction, and oil industries.

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Stack of Steel Sheet

We are the best Stainless Steel Sheet Price supplier and provides high quality to global clients.

Custom Work

We have thousands of different patterns ready for production.

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